Young Skin

Notable 8 Do’s & Don’ts for Young Skin

Young Skin

The glorious teenage years – Braces, emotional changes, peer pressure and breakouts! Young skin is renowned for being prone to breakouts of acne, blemishes, or zits. And the vast array of products on the market all aim to fight these issues. But often teenage skin is unpredictable and the results are not what you expected, which brings disappointment. 

So, we are here to highlight 8 of the most reliable ways to optimize your skin’s health. Natural, glowing skin is possible with some intentionality.

8 Skincare rules for Young Skin


The number one rule for young skin concerning makeup is to ALWAYS remove it completely before hitting the sack. Your skin needs fresh air in the same way you need fresh air to stay alive and healthy. A simple way to remove makeup is to use either baby oil or olive oil on a round cotton disc and gently massage it to get rid of the makeup. 


Regular weekly exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells which allows for the natural growth of new ones. The result is a brighter complexion.


Always wear sunscreen and a hat! Especially in South Africa and when you are outdoors. Your delicate skin needs a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 to stay protected from direct exposure of UVB and UVA rays. Sun exposure causes early ageing, wrinkles and age spots. Your older self will thank you. 

break outs


Try and consume as much food as possible containing vitamins and nutrients. Fast food can be devastating to your overall skin health. Avoid spicy or fermented food, eat food with it’s original flavor or slight seasoning. 


Regular exercise boosts blood circulation and the sweat produced will accelerate the cleansing process of the body. Do not skip your skincare routine before and after exercise. Apply a toner before you head to a workout and cleanse and moisturize after. 


The saying is true, “ you need your beauty sleep”. Always aim to get 8 hours of continuous sleep at night. It prevents bags under your eyes and never go to bed without moisturizer. Moisturizer is skin food that will rejuvenate throughout the night.


Drink lots of water. At least eight glasses per day to keep you hydrated at all times. Consuming water during the daytime helps to get it processed in the body while you are active. Another tip to maintain pH balance and reduce puffiness around your eyes in the morning is to use rosewater


Washing your face at least twice a day with warm water and a face wash that is suitable for young skin will prevent dirt and pollution from entering and clogging your pores. And remember to never pop your pimples and acne – it will leave scars and marks behind. 

Use these trusted beauty secrets to allow your skin to breathe better and achieve that Cleopatra-like glow. Starting with just getting the basics done, will improve your skin. 

DON’T forget to pamper yourself! Give you skin the special attention it needs. Gently massage your face with a jade roller or book an appointment with a beauty therapist for a skin appropriate facial to relieve stress and provide you with glowing, elastic skin.

Do: Take time to sit quietly or relax with loved ones. The stress relief will help reduce the release of the stress hormone that causes skin to become oilier.

Beyond Yourself Beauty is committed to providing professional skincare to all ages. Make an appointment with one of our therapist for advise and guidance for you our your tween.

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