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5 go-to skincare products when you are on vacation

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Summer is here!

The holidays are around the corner!  Although we love our skincare products, the warmer weather is almost upon us in SA, the kids are about 6 weeks away from the school year ending and VACATIONS are on our minds! As much as we love to be a little extra when it comes to our everyday skincare routine, what are our go-to skincare and beauty products to take with you on vacation to keep your skin healthy and beautiful?

skincare products
Is this your skincare product shelf?

It is easy to overpack because you never know what you will need, and you do not want to leave anything vital behind.

  • Swimming costume and towel: check
  • Shorts and summer dresses: check
  • Sunhat and sunglasses: check

But what about your skincare? What will make the cut and what stays at home?  Space is a real challenge when you are going camping and already have a million things you need to take to keep everybody alive. Or even when you have booked the budget flight ticket and your baggage weight needs to be minimized. Or when you are 5 people in a car with 2 weeks’ worth of luggage. Vacations should be minimalistic and easy.

Packing for vacation?

Here is your comprehensive list of vacations skincare essentials when you are on the go:

Face Wash is an essential skincare product

skincare products
Face Wash is essential

Because vacations are fun, and your face gets dirty. The number one, essential skin care step to remove makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, and other pollutants.

Moisturizer is a go-to skincare product for hydration

Intense hydration for day and night to help create a moisture seal on your skin. Long flights, light nights, and spending time outdoors, will most definitely cause your skin to be dry.

Your skincare product bag should include SUNSCREEN!

Even though you might not be planning to tan, it is important to protect your skin from sun damage and inflammatory free radicals, especially during our hot summer months.

Eye cream is often overlooked as a vital skincare product

Let us face the facts. Traveling and vacations do cut into your usual sleeping habits.  This might leave your eyes puffy or with dark under-eye circles. Find a product that is formulated to fight puffiness, brighten the eye area, and reduce fine lines. Dabbing a bit of eye cream on at night and in the morning, will make you feel more confident during your vacation.

Lip balm

South Africans are naturally outdoorsy and even more so when they are on holiday. Make sure to always have a lip balm handy to keep your lips moisturized and protected. Find a lip balm that is also a sunscreen for your lips and your will have a double whammy protection.

And if you need some pre, during, or post vacay pampering, book your appointment with one of our beauty therapists today. We offer facials, waxes, exfoliation, and massages.

You can also easily stock up on your skincare essentials by visiting our salon or order via WhatsApp.

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