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Beauty Brand Spotlight – Why we chose to use Optiphi as our number 1 skincare product


As a salon it is tough navigating between various wonderful beauty products and then deciding which ones to sell and use as our professional favorites. Yet, when we discovered Optiphi, we knew we have found a brand that our clients could easily use for the rest of their lives.

We want to be 100% transparent and honest when promoting a product, because we believe our clients shouldn’t be spending their money on products that’s just not worth it, irrespective of affordability. Although Optiphi is on the pricier end of the beauty brand spectrum – it is well worth it. It is packed with quality active ingredients, that allows you to use less product and last longer.

Optiphi has truly perfected Skin Science.

It is a proudly South African range of skin care. It was born from the knowledge applied in the fields of producing burn wound dressing, ointments, and temporary skin substitutes. They understand the inner workings of the skin and create unique, highly effective skin care products. Optiphi focusses on improving the skins collage, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production, preventing oxidative damage, restoring the skin’s PH balance, and reviving barrier function.
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The Optiphi packaging is incredibly luxe, and you will certainly gush over it when you have opened the boxes. But we can guarantee you that you are not spending money on this beauty product for its looks. They have a magnificent system in place, where you collect your empty containers and hand them in to recycle, in return the compensate you with a free selected item.

Our salon has been an ambassador of Optiphi for 5 years now and have witnessed amazing results in our client’s skin. From teen to young adult, to midlife and aged. There is a product to suite everybody’s needs.

To learn more book an appointment with one of our professional therapists or give us a call.

Beyond Yourself Beauty is situated in Baysville, East London and provide Optiphi products to all our clients in the Buffalo City are.

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