acne myths

9 acne myths we don’t want to hear about!

Acne Myths

If you have ever experienced acne or are currently experiencing acne, you will probably be able to confirm that there are a ridiculous number of misconceptions, bogus treatments, and acne myths for this common ailment.
Treating acne and preventing breakouts, including lifestyle changes, medications, and skincare products.  Make sure to sift and research all the information available before drawing conclusions about your acne and deciding on the correct treatment for your pimple or blackheads.

Below we tackle some of the most common myths about treating acne doing the rounds:

treating acne
  • Acne only occurs in teenagers

It is true that acne more commonly occurs in teenagers, because of hormone fluctuations. However, this does not exempt adults from acne.

You might have sailed through your high school years with flawless skin and suddenly experience a change in your skin condition at the age of 30, 40, or even ’50s.

More common in women than in men, adult acne is also most often caused by hormone imbalances.

acne myths
  • People with acne shouldn’t use moisturizer

The truth is that NOT moisturizing your skin WILL NOT BENEFIT your acne. It is a misconception to assume that moisturizing your already oily skin, will aggravate acne.

If your skin does not receive the moisture from the products you use, it will produce its own oil, causing an even oilier skin. Talk to your skin care specialist or dermatologist to include a specific moisturizer into your skincare routine. They will be able to recommend the correct product with the correct ingredients for your condition

  • Blackheads are caused by dirt in pores

Do not believe anybody who tells you that those small bumps that appear on your skin are filled with dirt. Those annoying blackheads are pores that have become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

  • You must wash your face more often

It is naturally very tempting to wash your face more often to get rid of the assumed dirt, but unfortunately, you will not achieve much.  The only thing that will happen is that you will strip your skin from its natural moisture. Too frequent washing will lead to an overproduction of oils, and yes, even more, oily skin.

  • Acne can be treated with toothpaste

This is an age-old recommendation from many home remedy experts. It might appear to be a quick, go-to solution to dry out a stubborn pimple, skin experts’ advice otherwise.

Toothpaste is manufactured containing harsh ingredients that will potentially irritate the skin even further.

It is a fact that some toothpaste does contain triclosan which is an antimicrobial, and a dab may help, but should not be your everyday go-to remedy.

  • Sunscreen will make acne worse

All sunscreen ingredients are not always suitable for all skin types but do not out way the risk of going into the sun without protection.

Sunlight is beneficial for your health, but extended sun exposure is not healthy.

If your dermatologist has you on oral medication such as Accutane, your skin is likely extremely sensitive to the sun. Your dermatologist will recommend a suitable sunscreen for your skin. 

In short, do not stop using sunscreen if you struggle with acne, rather chat to a skin specialist who will be able to assist in finding a suitable SPF product for your skin.

  • Acne can only be treated with medication

It is false to believe that all cases of acne are equally severe. Acne does not have a one size fits all treatment.

Besides Accutane and other oral medications, oral contraception can also be prescribed for cases where hormonal fluctuations cause breakouts. It is best to consult a doctor, dermatologist, or skin care specialist for a treatment plan. Keep in mind that oral medications often cause some unpleasant side effects.

  • You must vigorously exfoliate

Although exfoliation is a necessary fundamental step in any skincare regime, it should never be overdone. The abrasiveness of exfoliation causes dryness, redness, and irritation if done excessively will exacerbate existing acne.

  • Squeezing your pimple is the only way to bring relief

Squeezing, picking, and extracting pimples at home will lead to spreading bacteria with dirty fingers and scarring. This task is best left in the hands of a dermatologist or skin care specialist. They will have the correct tools and sterile standards to avoid nasty side effects.

For advice and a customized skincare treatment plan make an appointment with one of our skincare therapists today.

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