3 Things you need to know about going for a wax for the first time

When we first start our hair removal journey we rarely consider a wax, it is almost always a razor that we first reach for. Although this might seem to be the most convenient hair removal option. You can buy a razor blade almost anywhere, glide it over the unwanted areas of hair and voila – silky smooth skin. And then…. a couple of days later you will start to notice the hair growth and as time goes by the regrowth will become thicker and stubbier.

The struggle is real and looking for a permanent solution can get expensive. Treatments like laser removal can be very effective but for the average person, this is not a realistic option considering the costs involved. 

Then there is waxing – scary right? Why are we so scared of it? It hurts! Movies and TikTok videos might give it a bad rap though and who wants layers of skin pulled off… The scariest part though is the fact that we don’t know what to expect when waxing for the first time.

This treatment does come with a lot of benefits, the more consistent you are with waxing, the hair will actually stop growing and start fining out. In the long haul you will have less hair. With shaving you will notice right away some growth-especially in the winter season. On average, you won’t see hair growth after waxing for at least a week, and let me tell you, the hair growth is very gradual – barely notice it coming in. After shaving you probably feel your skin getting prickly and seeing some hair growth after three days. 

If you have been a constant shaver, your experience might be more painful the first time because the roots of the hair become really coarse and stubborn. The more you wax, the easier it will become, smoother and your hair will start to grow less. 

Regarding a Brazilian Wax. Of course you will be nervous – it is a sensitive area. However a good, experienced therapist will help you feel very comfortable by explaining what each step entails. 

Caring for your skin prior and after a wax

Go with some hair growth because if it is too short then you might not get all of the hair removed properly. Another thing to consider 24 hours after a treatment is to avoid activities that cause sweating. Also wear loose clothing if possible and full cotton underwear, this will help you from irritating your skin. The products that you use after is also important in ensuring your skin stays in it’s optimal healthy state. Exfoliation and waxing go hand and hand. Make sure to stay clear of exfoliating for 24 hours after your treatment.

Another factor in waxing is your comfortability with the very intimate treatment. You will have to lay on a table and let someone put hot wax on us, only to rip it off a fast as they can. Rest assured this is a treatment that most beauty therapists do every day, all day long. We are desensitized to it.


At Beyond Yourself Beauty you can be assured that you are in good hands. Our therapists are professionally trained, have years of experience under the belt and have seen it all. Make an appointment and relax, the benefits of waxing will far outweigh any fears you may have. 

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