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Our top 4 skincare and beauty trends predictions for 2022

Beauty trends

The last two years certainly has taught us to shift priorities, and although beauty trends have changed, beauty has stayed a priority. And when it comes to beauty and skincare, it is not much different. Skin-care concerns have changes, gaps in the supply chain has surfaced due to Covid 19 and we feel different too. It is our prediction that there are going to be a few shifts in beauty trends, some major and some more subtle. These all would be a reflection who we as humans have become.

One thing has become evident about consumers in relation to health and skincare:

We have become conscious and intelligent consumers, taking our health and our planet’s health into account when striving to reach our beauty goals.

4 Skincare and Beauty Trends emerging in 2022

  • Bars are back!

Our present need for planet conscious packaging has brought soap bars back in style. From shampoo to exfoliators and lotions – you will most likely be able to find a bar for it. The eco-friendly, water preserving nature of bars of soap is sure to make it a firm favourite. But do be careful, if soap sits in a moist environment for too long it can harness bacteria, so make sure to give your soap a rigorous rinse after each use.

Cryotherapy in its simple form is applying cold/ice to inflamed/puffy areas to soothe that area. This type of therapy is usually offered in a clinic, or by a therapist with specialised tools. But with so much time on our hands in the recent 2 years, people to DIY Cryotherapy. Ice is the tool of choice.
The theory is that cold temperatures cause the blood vessels to contract, and pores to tighten, which leaves your skin looking firmer and rejuvenated.

  • TikTok Beauty Experts

Creators and “skinfluencers” have made ingredients like caffeine, bakuchiol and niacinamide popular. And if you are not familiar with it, according to the TikTok experts, Bakuchiol is an antioxidant which stimulates collagen and cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin. It is highly tolerable and plant-based.

  •  Aluminium Packaging

Packaging – is a bit of a dirty word in the beauty industry at the moment (no pun intended). But with aluminium around as a standout for recyclability, brands will be utilising it more and more. After all, nobody wants to be labelled as a contributor to pollution.

It is clear that new, innovative trends are on the rise, and we will share them as they come in.

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