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Does your tween need a skincare routine?

There are many options in skincare brands for all skin types, we have also become aware of more and more skincare brands launching products for young skin. The question is – do pre-teens really need a skincare routine? And what products should they be using, if any?

Before considering a skincare routine for your child, look for signs of puberty which is a good indication that they are ready for one. When looking at young skin, we see 3 main skin concerns:

* acne
* eczema
* unwanted facial and body hair

So if your daughter or son is under 10, and has a few visible bumps in his or her T-zone, do not worry because it is normal. The hormonal changes cause excess oil production and in turn cause these bumps.

Remember when addressing these bumps with skincare, their skin is still young and sensitive. It will be important to find a delicate balance for them. We have found the Nimue Y-Skin range to be gentle, simple and affordable.

When starting a conversation about skincare routines with your teen remind them that it is like brushing your teeth. You do it every day without thinking about it because you use to doing it. Also involve them when purchasing skincare products, let them help choose what goes on their face.

3 Step Skincare routine appropriate for a tween:

  • Apply a cream that contains SPF in the morning
  • In the evening, gently cleanse to wash the dirt off his/her face
  • Apply an oil-free moisturiser.

And that’s it! Keep it simple, keep it quick. The younger you start getting them into a habit of skincare the better, it will make a lifetime of difference.

Try and avoid masks, facial scrubs and other treatments, these might be abrasive or loaded with chemicals. Your child’s young skin still needs gentle care.

For advice and guidance contact one of our professional beauty therapists. Beyond Yourself, Beauty aims to provide skincare for all age groups including tweens.

14 Lance Street, Baysville, East London (by appointment)

Please note that this is not medical advice, and if you notice anything unusual or concerning regarding your child’s skin to consult a doctor.

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