Pedicures: 8 Steps to Get Your Feet Instantly Beach-Ready This Spring.

Ah, the magical pedicure. No more cracks, no more callouses, no more fungi, no more dry skin. This miracle treatment is also conveniently very relaxing…


South Africans are all gearing up to hit the beach soon, body positive attitude and killer swimsuit in tow. When the suns start to beam its glorious rays down on us again, we are all eager to rock those sandals hidden at the back of our closet or maybe the new pair we bought at a discount in Autumn. Freshly manicured feet that do not look like an old elephant’s kneecaps become a necessity.

This spring period transition between winter and summer has us getting our feet beach-ready. The chipped nail polish and callouses from our winter foot hibernation in constricting shoes, together with cracked and crusty feet allowed by light, airy freedom of sandals, and no socks during Spring calls for the emergency correction!


Dear readers this is also not just about having smooth heels and cute toes. Maintaining good foot hygiene can prevent yellowing nails, fungal infection, sore or bleeding heels – none of which feel great against warm sand and rocky pools.

8 Steps to great feet:

  1. Remove old crusty nail varnish
  2. Soak and exfoliate
  3. Massage feet for optimal circulation
  4. Deep clean and trim nails
  5. Take care of those cuticles
  6. Remove callouses and polish
  7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
  8. Apply a vibrant, quality nail varnish

Our advice is to book an appointment with a professional and experienced therapist to acquire maximum results. Beauty therapists are well skilled and equipped to take care of the skin and nails of your walkers. Their professional products are specially designed to provide quick and effective results even for the most difficult cases. Also, you deserve to invest in YOU TIME.

See you on the beach😉

Beyond Yourself Beauty and Wellness Clinic is committed to providing our clients with top-quality products and treatments at affordable rates. Contact us to book an appointment at our little urban retreat salon nestled in the quiet suburb of Baysville in East London.

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